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What We do

Over 20 years of accounting and finance management experience, with a strong focus on the Real Estate Industry and building long-lasting relationships with Residential Properties Business Owners, Investors, and record-proven Entrepreneurs who are Action takers. Your Business is to make money, and our job is to save your money. 

Our Process

We care for small Businesses and Individual Accounting, Bookkeeping, and tax needs in Ontario. Corporate and Personal Income Tax Returns Preparation & Filing serving GTA - Greater Toronto Area Metropolitan.

You entrust your needs to us, ensuring we deliver the best RESULTS.

R E S U L T S Strategy

We assist Business Owners in finding ways to free up hidden capital and reinvest in their growing portfolio with our exclusively developed R E S U L T S strategy for Real Estate entrepreneurs: 

Proprietary method R.E.S.U.L.T.S that creates a real value
for personal and corporate finances
R =

Return On Investments (ROI) 

The industry average is 12% annual. 

Are you under this ratio?

E =


Do you know how much your accumulated equity can earn you today?

S =

Skin in the game

Do lenders finance you at the highest 99% LTV - loan to value?

U =

Umbrella Protection

Do you keep your hard and liquid assets safe?

L =


Are you using financial leverage to acquire more assets?

T =


Do you pay a fair amount of taxes every year?

S =

Short-term lending

Do you lend your money to make money?

Did your money get a job now?

Our Experience

Our team looks at Real Estate as the investment vehicle of choice to generate the cash flow necessary to finance personal visions. Individually and as a team, we have a clear idea of acquiring assets that would eventually create a cash flow to finance the desired lifestyle. We choose to live a life created on purpose, not a lifestyle lived by default. Know what we know, and all together, we grow.

Today we continue building our property portfolio and enjoy the biggest benefits of investing. We have been brought through the shackles of “security” from a full-time job and today being entrepreneurs-financiers in moving to total financial independence. It is true freedom to be completely in charge of your own time. Time is the most precious resource in life.  

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